REAL foodie Family: What We’ve Been Up To

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So I’ve meant to do posts all a long about our family. How we are indeed real. In fact, we are SO real that I’ve broken my own personal rule of going to bed with the kitchen clean every night….yet again.

I go through seasons of keeping a clean house and it feels great. But everytime my family gets sick, I fall behind. And this month has been a month (or more!) full of sickness. Good grief! We have passed strep back and forth. I didn’t know adults could get it, but I’m on my third round of antibiotics.

I became a crazy lady. Driven with the desire to END this ridiculously long bout  of sickness, that I religiously disinfected my entire house (multiple times). When our pediatrician told me that strep doesn’t live on surfaces (except wet things like toothbrushes), my entire face must have dropped. I made our house smell like those disgusting yellow bottles of lysol for no reason? So here’s to hoping everyone stays well this time!

When my kiddos throats were hurting, I had a harder time finding things they would eat that would be both comforting and semi-healthy.

I pulled out my old Baby Food Maker  (glad I kept that thing on the top shelf and didn’t get rid of it) and made homemade apple sauce. I knew it would probably taste better than the jarred stuff, but had no idea what a hit it would be. My husband declared, “this is more like apple pudding.” The baby food maker did a  great job of  making it super smooth.

If you want to make your own just throw in two apples peeled and cubed. Steam it in the babyhood maker (I poured in water to the first line).

After it’s cooked, pour out about about half the juice and dump the apples into the container. Blend (we added a teaspoon of coconut sugar and 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg). Henry LOVED helping at this stage.

In other news, we are trying to create a few routines (Bill and I are both big picture people, so we have to be intentional with this stuff) to create anchors in our week for both us and the kids. Bill and I don’t rest well. We’ve known it for a while, so we are trying to make Friday’s a day that relax and unwind.

On Fridays I work to get the house clean with the kids. We enjoy (or I enjoy depending on the day) getting the house clean and restful for the weekend.

Fridays are now grain-free pizza night. Everyone loves it and most of the time it means I don’t cook unless I make our Real Foodie Family’s Grain Free Pizza. Typically we head to sprouts and grab Against the Grain Pizza. We love the pepperoni!

What traditions do you enjoy as a family?

Since we’ve been sick so much. We’e been reading a good bit. Right now I am reading The Ministry of Motherhood: Following Christ’s Example in Reaching the Hearts of Our Children and loving it. It’s been offering such a sweet reminder to be intentional with my kids. I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s not one of those books that makes you feel guilty for what you are not doing. She’s so real.

For fun I am reading A Portrait of Emily Price and it’s fun fast read. So far I’ve enjoyed Katherine Rae’s other books a bit more, but I am still enjoying this one

I am about to start reading Little House in the Big Woods to Henry and I am super excited. The Little House series was my all time favorite as a little girl. Henry loves for me to read to him and I am looking forward to sharing this story with him. I think we will read either when Ella naps or before bed. He loves time with me before bed. Sometimes I am so wiped that I have a hard time coming up with a good bed time story that is crazy enough to keep up with his imagination. Hopefully this will help!

I’d love to hear any book recommendations you may have! Leave me a  comment

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